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Announcementsauce: We did the theme song for The Goldbergs on ABC!

Time for a big helping of announcement sauce:

During the Project Atma kickstarter in April, I got a message from the backer who had just donated (within the first hour of the kickstarter launch) to receive our epic NES-guitar:

Still from our cRaZie$ music video

Still from our cRaZie$ music video

We hadn’t met before but his name was Adam Goldberg, and it turned out he was a big IFD fan.  Plus, he wanted to ask us to write the theme song for his eponymous TV show coming out in the fall, “The Goldbergs”, which he based on his childhood growing up in the 80’s.

After wiping my eyes a few times in disbelief, I replied with a hearty, “Hell Yes!” and we got talking.  It was an exciting, crazy process from there until now, Adam is awesome and has been a huge champion for the band, and I’m incredibly proud to say that the theme song, “Rewind” by I Fight Dragons, will be in the opening credits of The Goldbergs on ABC starting tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9PM/8PM Central!

the goldbergs

The show is twisted and hilarious, and we’re honored to be a part of it.  So tune in Tuesdays this fall, and as they say, “Don’t touch that dial!”  Wait, who says that? I think I just quoted my own song lyric? Who does that???  This is confusing.  GO WATCH.  Brian out.

(PS you can watch the pilot here: http://watchabc.go.com/the-goldbergs/SH55300819/VDKA0_30pa1zhh/circle-of-driving. It doesn’t have the finalized credits / IFD theme song since it’s the pilot, but that way you can get caught up if you haven’t seen it yet).